AutoCodeLock 2.2.8

CodeLock & Door automation tools

AutoCodeLock is an plugin to automate and ease-up the usage, deployment and placement for Codelocks, Doors and Doorclosers.


  • /codelock
  • Ex. /codelock auto ON/OFF

AlphaLoot 2.4.20

Provides complete control on loot contents of each available lootcontainer. Best loot plugin.

Clans REBORN 2.14.0

Clans plugin with Allies, inbuilt FriendlyFire and much more.


  • /cmenu
  • /a – chat to allied members
  • /clan – the clan overview
  • /clan help | /clanhelp – shows the help
  • /clan ally | /clanally – shows the ally options (owner or council)
  • /c – clan chat
  • /cinfo – info about other clans
  • /cff – toggles players ff status

DynamicCupShare 2.6.13

Full dynamic sharing system for Cups|Doors|Boxes|Turrets for Clans|Friends. The Cupboard sharing function gives everyone, who enters the cupboard range of a friend/clan-member, instant building rights, when the owner of the cup has activated the sharing function and also the owner itself is authorized on his cupboard. It provides also seamless traveling through friends/clan-members cupboard zones inside a base.


  • /share

HomesGUI v1.4.3

HomesGUI is a homes plugin, with an awesome GUI, and plenty of configurable options to modify the plugin to suit your needs.


  • /home – Opens the homes GUI
  • /home {home} – Teleports you to the home
  • /sethome {home} – Creates a new home at your position
  • /delhome {home} – Deletes the home
  • /listhomes – Lists all your homes

TeleportGUI v1.7.4

TeleportGUI is just like your average TP plugin, except with an easy to use GUI.


  • /tp – opens the tp GUI
  • /tp {x} {y} {z} – teleports to co-ords (admin only)
  • /tpr {player} – sends a tp request to {player}
  • /tpa – accepts the incoming tp request
  • /tpd – denies the incoming tp request
  • /tpc – cancels the teleport
  • /tpb – teleports you back

Spot System 1.0.2

Spot enemies to mark their location to your team mates!


  • /spot

StacksExtended 1.3.4

Advanded stacking system with modular permission based container sizing.

SkinBox 1.14.0

SkinBox is a plugin to convert any skinnable item into each skin variant


  • /skinbox – Opens the Skinbox menu.

UpLiftEd 1.2.12

Aim High, Lift Up, Calm down! Fast-Travel inside your buildings with comfortable Lifts.


  • /liftaid – Reset lift movement
  • /newlift – Start lift creation. Needs to view onto a foundation or floor.

Economics v3.5.0

Economics is a basic economics system that other plugins can make use of the provided ingame money for use in the shop or for trade.


  • /balance – Check your balance.
  • /balance <name> – Check [name] player balance.
  • /transfer <name> <amount> – Transfer [amount] to [name] player.

Extended Recycler v1.0.6

Extend recyclers for personal use and more.


  • /recycler.craft – to craft recycler

Clans UI 0.1.42

GUI menu for use with Clans.


  • /cmenu – Opens the menu

WarpsGUI v1.1.5

A warps plugin with a fancy GUI!


  • /warp – opens the warp GUI
  • /warp{to/list} [name] – commands for non-GUI users, showing a list of warps and allowing you to go to a warp

DeathMarker 1.0.11

Give players a better and cleaner indication of where they died with fully customizable radius, colour and marker text settings​.

SecurityCameras 0.2.24

Deploy security cameras around your base and view them by accessing a RustNET terminal.


  • /sc – Shows the help menu
  • /sc add– Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the users hands)
  • /sc add public <terminal ID> – Activates the camera placement tool. (Requires a camera in the users hands)
  • /sc name <name> – Set a name for the camera you are looking at which will be displayed in the RustNET console and UI overlay when controlling the camera
  • /sc remove – Removes the camera you are looking at

BountyNET 0.1.5

A bounty system that can only be access via a RustNET terminal.

Console Commands:
bounty view <target name or ID> – View active bounties on the specified player
bounty top – View the top 20 bounty hunters
bounty wanted – View the top 20 most wanted players
bounty clear <target name or ID> – Clear all active bounties on the specified player

RustNET 0.1.24

A combined remote management tool for AutomatedSearchlights, RemoteTurrets, SecurityCameras and BountyNet.


  • /rustnet – Display the help menu, this contains help for all the plugins this manages
  • /terminal add – Activate the terminal placement tool (requires a terminal in your hands)
  • /terminal add public – Activate the public terminal placement tool (requires a terminal in your hands)
  • /terminal remove – Remove a existing terminal